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About Us

The Creative Learning Academy is a small family owned center where your child will have the opportunity to grow and flourish through a variety of developmentally appropriate activities. Our student population are ages 2.9 years and above. The CLA does not discriminate against any child. (See Non Discrimination Statement) The intake procedure includes a meeting with our Director, a tour of our facility, explanation of policies, and form completion.


The Academy’s curriculum is a 12 month thematic program. The Academy has instruction every day and does not follow the public school calendar. The reason for a 12 month program is that children enroll continuously and may be at different developmental levels. The year round approach allows a child the ability to progress at their own rate with no time lapses for regression. Also, this program allows the Academy staff flexibility to repeat or redefine information for students that may be having difficulty. Our goal is to not only provide many group activities, but to academically assess and instruct each child’s individual needs.

The Academy's curriculum activities are centered around different learning stations where children are appropriately grouped with hands-on materials. Teachers encourage children to use their imagination and independence to promote opportunities for building self-esteem and self-confidence. Your child will be sharing in new and exciting learning experiences. The curriculum is an integrated program that incorporates monthly themes, numbers, letters, shapes, colors and general knowledge. Each child's individual needs and personal learning styles are evaluated and met. This may include small group, large group, or one to one. Our goal is to provide each student with fun and interesting material that will inspire and motivate them for future learning.

The Academy Staff acknowledges that peer interaction and play are important components to a healthy and happy child. We are committed to supporting and guiding children through these experiences utilizing positive reinforcement and redirection.

Parent / Teacher Conferences

Written progress reports will be completed on each preschool child every 6 months. Individual conferences can be requested by the parent with the Director to discuss your child’s progress or any concerns you may have.

Non-Discrimination Statement

The Creative Learning Academy does not discriminate against any student or potential employee, on the basis of race, religion, cultural heritage, national origin, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, political affiliations, handicap, or sex. The Creative Learning Academy is totally handicap accessible throughout both facilities.

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