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Fun Stuff

The Creative Learning Academy is a family owned center that appreciates and celebrates the true meaning of family and how hard our staff and parents work every day. As a Thank You for choosing The Academy, we like to offer many family based activities celebrate events such as, Parent Appreciation Breakfast, Parents Night Out and a Graduation celebration followed by an ice cream party.

Bulletin Board & Notices

Please check out our central bulletin board and your children’s papers each night for up to date Academy information. Open communication is an important tool in strengthening home / school relationships. Also, if you would like to post information, please check with the Director and we would be happy to accommodate.

Field Trips / Parent Volunteers

The Academy would like to invite all parents, grandparents or other family members to our “In House Field Trips”. Your special skills are interesting to our children and would be most rewarding to share. We have many talented family members that have interesting occupations, talents, and hobbies that the children would love to learn about. The Academy will be inviting community friends like police, firefighters, nurses, librarians to our center to discuss their occupations and give the children lessons on safety and community awareness.

Monthly Newsletter

Each month a newsletter will be published by the Director. This newsletter will be posted on the message boards and emailed. This newsletter will describe our theme for the month, curriculum goals / objectives, special activities / events, program overview and updates. This a family-sharing communication, so please let our staff know what you would like to include for the month. The More Sharing, the Merrier!!!!!

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